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News: Microsoft rumored to buy Mojang

Wallstreet Journal and CNBC have recently reported Microsoft’s interest in purchasing Mojang AB, the parent studio of Minecraft. Reasons are unclear for the purchase, some claim this is merely securing the position of Minecraft onto ...

Gamescom News 8/12

Because there is too much to make several posts, we will be making updates to this post as we get news of different items from gamescom today. Roller Coaster Tycoon World Atari announced today that ...

E3 Microsoft Conference Meta

Here is all news related to Microsoft’s E3 conference. I will post videos post conference.  Call of Duty Advanced Warfare gamepla, looks to be CG rendered to start, graphics tank during actual gameplay. Announced that ...

Review: Watch_Dogs

So we come to that time, one of the most highly anticipated games of the year. The question is did the game live up to the hype.  I’m going to go on a quick tangent ...

Review: South Park Stick of Truth

*Cue Morgan Freeman talking* Once in a while a game comes along that completely changes your perception of how you play a game, how a game’s story may impact you and the brilliance behind the ...