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Review: A Normal Lost Phone

    I admit, I have been on a kick for less traditional gameplay recently. After Event[0], I played Firewatch and really enjoyed it. I have also been eyeing Adr1ft and Sara is Missing. Last week, ...

Review: Event[0]

Event[0] is a departure from the rank and file of modern video games. In Event[0] you play an astronaut who is stranded near Europa after your spacecraft is destroyed. You take refuge on the Nautilus, ...

News: Origin Access

  EA has released a new subscription service through their Origin Store called Origin Access. This is a service already offered on Xbox. For $4.99 a month Origin Access offers you “the ultimate marathon gaming ...

Review: Steam Link

  The greatly anticipated and hyped Steam link is upon us, as well as the controller.  With Steam machines pushing the couch experience with friends, we will see more and more games and peripherals trying ...

News: Steam Hardware

Steam has released another news, all the expected devices like Steam Machines, and Steam Controller and the Steam Link are now available for a pre-purchase via steam store. Now they don’t ship out immediately but ...