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Review: Mass Effect Andromeda

“Murder, it seems, isn’t exclusive to the Milky Way.”  Yea neither is plot.   So Mass Effect Andromeda reviews are pouring in since the UK release.  Being a meme before release takes talent.  Chances are you’ve heard ...

E3 2015: Sony Conference

Like all the other conferences, Sony also apparently wanted to come out with a bang while finally showing gameplay for The Last Guardian (boy oh boy is this a long time coming). It was originally ...

News: You want some more Wang?

Sorry about the title, I had to given the context of the news. Devolver and Flying Wild Hog announced yesterday that Shadow Warrior 2 was coming however the trailer got released today. Some new features ...

Fallout 4 Announced

In what was a slight leak of an already assumed title, Bethesda announced Fallout 4 this morning. There will be more details to come at 9am when content can be released however the Fallout4 website was up ...