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Press F Podcast Episode 3 – Who is your Podcaster ...

Topics we Discussed: Shooting the Shit/What have we been playing About Where we came from in Gaming SNES Classic Announced Dawn of War III Prey Coming out May 5th  Closing   http://www.fg-2.com/Podcasts/PressFEp3Whoisyourpodcasterandwhatdoeshegame.mp3 http://www.fg-2.com/Podcasts/PressFEp3Whoisyourpodcasterandwhatdoeshegame.rar

Press F for Podcast Ep 1

Topics we Discussed: What have we been playing Nintendo Switch Zelda:Breath of the Wild Nier Automata Mass Effect Andromeda 2017, one of the best years in gaming? What are you looking forward to this year? ...