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Review: A Normal Lost Phone

    I admit, I have been on a kick for less traditional gameplay recently. After Event[0], I played Firewatch and really enjoyed it. I have also been eyeing Adr1ft and Sara is Missing. Last week, ...

Review: Event[0]

Event[0] is a departure from the rank and file of modern video games. In Event[0] you play an astronaut who is stranded near Europa after your spacecraft is destroyed. You take refuge on the Nautilus, ...

Review: Mass Effect Andromeda

“Murder, it seems, isn’t exclusive to the Milky Way.”  Yea neither is plot.   So Mass Effect Andromeda reviews are pouring in since the UK release.  Being a meme before release takes talent.  Chances are you’ve heard ...

Review – Doom 2016

In the last two years we’ve gotten two reboots from id on their storied franchises. Wolfenstein The New Order was a fantastic surprise and one of the best shooters in recent years and now id ...

Preview: Clustertruck

Car surfing is a fun minigame in the Saints Row series among others, but what if you made an entire game out of it? Clustertruck does just that. Your goal is to stay on top ...