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News: Origin Access

  EA has released a new subscription service through their Origin Store called Origin Access. This is a service already offered on Xbox. For $4.99 a month Origin Access offers you “the ultimate marathon gaming ...

Review: Titanfall

  Titanfall is a rather ambitious title by Respawn Entertainment, as a mecha first-person shooter, allowing players to do combat both inside their titans as well as on foot. Respawn. What expectations must await Jason ...

Origin’s On the House Round 4

The latest round of Origin’s On the House program gives you Peggle for free. Save yourself $4.99 by going to Origin now.   Peg-Bursting Fun! Want to be a Peggle Master? Take your best shot! Shoot ...

Battlefield Hardline

There has been a big leak about upcoming EA game. The new game is called Battlefield Hardline, though instead of wartime setting, this Battlefield will focus on cops vs. villains. Leaked footage shows a lot ...