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Payday 2: A Perfect Crime?

Earlier this week Overkill, the company responsible for the interactive “robbery simulator” Payday 2, announced its annual Crimefest: a week long challenge that provides and opportunity for players to earn free content. In the past, ...

Preview: Killing Floor 2

  Well ladies and gentlemen, the day is here. Tripwire Interactive, the studio behind the brilliant Red Orchestra series, has officially announced Killing Floor 2. For nearly a year fans of Killing floor have been ...

News: Far Cry 4 announced for November

      That is right ladies and gentlemen,  Ubisoft is producing and finishing up Far Cry 4. Not much is known about the new FC4 yet but according to [url=http://blog.ubi.com/far-cry-4-release-date-kyrat/]Ubisoft[/url] it will be taking place ...

Preview: Sniper Elite III

  Earlier today, Rebellion Developments posted a video on Youtube revealing Sniper Elite 3 gameplay. Sniper Elite 3 takes place in Northern Africa as your character does battle with Rommel’s infamous Afrika Korps. The video that was posted ...

Release: Outlast : Whistleblower DLC

Early yesterday, Outlast’s first and presumably only DLC content was launched entitled  “Whistleblower.” In Whistleblower, you are thrust into the role of  Waylon Park, a software engineer for the Murkoff Corporation, the one responsible for the events ...

Review: Goat Simulator

Baaaa–d games got your goat? Tired of kidding around with too much story? Boy, do I goat a game for you. Introducing Goat Simulator for PC! The latest revolution in the highly demanded field of ...

Review: Outlast

Outlast is a recently released survival horror game, where you assume the role of Miles Upshur,  a freelance journalist investigating a mysterious project at Mount Massive Asylum…..   Outlast- Official Trailer Courtesy of Red Barrels Games ...