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Review: A Normal Lost Phone

    I admit, I have been on a kick for less traditional gameplay recently. After Event[0], I played Firewatch and really enjoyed it. I have also been eyeing Adr1ft and Sara is Missing. Last week, ...

News: Steam Refunds

Steam has released a new update for their service today, it describes an important topic of: Refunds. Steam for all its years of operation has been very reluctant to issue any kind of refunds. Some ...

News: PEGI ratings coming to Google Play

UKIE (United Kingdom Interactive Entertainment) has announced Google Play will adopt PEGI ratings for the European market. This happens while PEGI joins other age rating systems across the world in a new International Age Rating Coalition (IARC). ...

Battlefield Hardline

There has been a big leak about upcoming EA game. The new game is called Battlefield Hardline, though instead of wartime setting, this Battlefield will focus on cops vs. villains. Leaked footage shows a lot ...