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Review: Fantasy Life

Fantasy Life was an ambitious game from the creators of Ni no Kuni and Dark Cloud. Level-5 set out to essentially make a single player MMO where your character could choose what life you would ...

Review: Civilization Beyond Earth

Can Firaxis go Beyond what they haven’t done in some time? Create a Civilization game that is based in space, a spiritual successor to Alpha Centari? Well they certainly made a fun game but unfortunately ...

Review: Logitech G502

The Logitech G502 Proteus Core is supposed to be Logitech’s new super gaming mouse with a lot of customizable features. The question is, does the mouse live up to all its potential and still be ...

Review: Alien Isolation

The Alien franchise has long been a fan favorite but not very often has it translated to games all that well. There are a few outliers however most of the Alien games have been atrocious ...