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Review – Old Time Hockey

Since EA’s exit after NHL 09 there hasn’t been a non-management arcade style hockey game until Old Time Hockey joined the party this last week. If you know hockey you know the gist of the ...

News: Origin Access

  EA has released a new subscription service through their Origin Store called Origin Access. This is a service already offered on Xbox. For $4.99 a month Origin Access offers you “the ultimate marathon gaming ...

E3 2015: EA Conference

EA’s conference came with the anticipation of what were they going to show of Battlefront and of Mass Effect. Well they started with Mass Effect and unfortunate as it is it was only a CG ...

E3 EA Conference Meta

Here is a rundown of the news from the EA conference from E3. Videos to be added post conference.   DICE’s Star Wars game: Star Wars: Battlefront Dice visited the locations of the movies as ...

Battlefield Hardline

There has been a big leak about upcoming EA game. The new game is called Battlefield Hardline, though instead of wartime setting, this Battlefield will focus on cops vs. villains. Leaked footage shows a lot ...

On The House – v3

Just a quick update. EA has released another on the house game via its service – Origin,. This time, EA released Battlefield 3 for free for limited time. If you don’t yet have the game, ...