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Review: Mass Effect Andromeda

“Murder, it seems, isn’t exclusive to the Milky Way.”  Yea neither is plot.   So Mass Effect Andromeda reviews are pouring in since the UK release.  Being a meme before release takes talent.  Chances are you’ve heard ...

News: FG-2 at Quakecon 2016

  Quakecon 2016 in Dallas, Texas kicked off what would become another year of hanging out, attending events, and playing games for the FG-2 crew this year.  From exhibitors like Bawl, Altex, Nvidia, AMD (first ...

Review: Pokemon Go

Pasty white kids and men of all ages coming out of the basement or gaming dungeons, and mulling through society as effete zombies staring at a glowing rectangle.  Yes, it’s Pokemon GO, the reason people ...