FG2 at Quakecon 2017

FG2’s time at Quakecon 2017 was a bit of a mixed bag.  Tickets were hard to come by this year.  The BYOC and showroom floor was smaller.  Some of us didn’t get in our rooms until the 2nd day thanks to the Paylord Hotel and some issues.  But its Quakecon.  We’ve spent more days during the week hanging out as a community and building on what its all about… Gamers playing games.  And that we did.

The internet went down on day two for several hours, luckily we found other ways to keep ourselves occupied.


There were several fun offerings to keep us entertained.  From Fallout VR, Skyrim VR, Doom VFR, Wolfenstein 2, Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, and other smaller upcoming games all had booths on the showroom floor.  AMD made a good showing, for the second year in a row.  Nvidia and PC Perspective were absent, we hope to see them back next year.


I did however get to meet Kay Pike , who was onboard AMD’s booth showcasing Ruby, which is a skin in Quake Champions, available now in early access on Steam.  Watching her prep and paint streams are amazing.


As usual there were several unusual PCs on display as well.  Modders-Inc hosted the annual case mod competition.  There didn’t appear to be as many this year, but there were still some amazing cases out there.  If you can call these that. New this year was the cosplay competition, the winner playing Preys Morgan Yu.


New for 2017 was the cosplay competition.  The winner was playing Preys Morgan Yu.  The Reinhardt was huge, towering almost 7 feet and very impressive as well.


While still fun, 2017’s Quakecon left a bit to be desired.  Smaller, fewer events, and no PcPer or Nvidia presence.  The big announcement trailers and teasers were absent.  The showroom floor and exhibit hall were smaller.  It was good to see the VR showcases on display, as I think more people need to experience it to be excited and fully appreciate whats out there.  Next years venue is already projected to be twice twice the size, and we hope to see more regulars and more surprises.  Surprisingly enough, some of the best entertainment came out of the Mayweather and McGregor fight, which was streamed 2 seats down from us on a projector.  From all of us here at FG2, we hope to see you at Quakecon 2018!





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