Early Access Impressions – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds is another full game version of an Arma mod called Battle Royale that was created by the clan’s player called Greene. He was responsible for the original mod in Arma 2 and 3 and also helped create H1Z1’s Battle Royaleing. As for the gameplay, it’s a simple design which is entirely based on the movie/book series called Battle Royal where you and 99 others are dropped into a zone without anything but the cloths on your back. In order to be the last surviving player you must search, loot and kill your way through others.

PUBG has three different modes which includes solo, duo and squad (3 or 4 friends) this allows multiple ways to play and strategies to perform for each mode. The core gameplay involves being dropped from a plane as its flying across an 18x18km map in order to gather weapons, armor and various other equipment as the play area every 3-5 minutes is closed in around some location in the map. This allows for players to slowly be forced into conflict with each other and to not have matches go hours on end. What game there is is a tons of fun but this game being a very early access comes with some problems. The core gameplay is just that, very basic. Once some stability in the servers gets added a lot more features will be added as well however as it is now the game is bare bones.

As I mentioned there are a lot of issues with the servers at this time and thus a lot of issues with hit detection and rubber banding. This can make the battlegrounds very unplayable at some times and some players have even been known to use that to their advantage. Due to this being Unreal Engine 4, it isn’t the most optimized game and the textures are also suffering despite being such a new engine. The dev mentioned on their stream that they have a lot of features coming including squad map markers, durability of weapons, grenades feeling clunky will be fixed, a vault mechanic, bullet drop, and even footstep issues while crouched.

One of the main problems of early access is devs that don’t know where they might be heading with a game. With PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds the core gameplay is there and is a lot of fun when it works. As such I can only recommend this game if you understand that this is very early in its development and that you WILL run into issues.

This game is a blast for what it is, solo or with friends. A+ would hide in bushes to get the jump on you again.

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