News: Breath of the Wild almost playable on PC emulator with acceptable framerates


Ahh the PC Master Race.  Sometimes these guys truly are amazing.  A group of dedicated programmers are using a WiiU emulator, called CEMU, to run the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on PC.  And they have made astounding results.  At first they themselves were amazed at how it ran almost immediately.  Physics glitches and 15 fps, it was a feat to be running at all.  In the past few days they have worked on CEMU version 1.7.4, which will be available to Patreons April 2nd, and rolling out to everyone else April 9th.  The physics bugs have been minimized, and the framerate is comparable to the official release, with that having its own framerate hiccups on occasion.

These guys are waaay ahead of schedule, keep tuned and enjoy some gameplay! (on PC!)



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