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quakecon 2016


Quakecon 2016 in Dallas, Texas kicked off what would become another year of hanging out, attending events, and playing games for the FG-2 crew this year.  From exhibitors like Bawl, Altex, Nvidia, AMD (first QC appearance), Dx Racer, BenQ and others, to new events like Quakecon trials, the event was bustling all over the Hilton Anatole in Dallas.

Quakecon trials were unique: Players must complete six daily objectives in order to be eligible to win. These objectives include: 1) Retrieving a QuakeCon Trials badge at the QuakeCon Trials Booth #212. 2) Complete DOOM’s first level on Nightmare difficulty. (Booth #212) 3) Complete the last mission of Dishonored: Definitive Edition on default difficulty (Booth #212) 4) Start a new Vault in Fallout Shelter (PC) and get 10 Dwellers in your Vault (Booth #212) 5) Complete the Chapter 6 Campaign Match in The Elder Scrolls Legends at the Bethesda Booth (Booth #418) 6) Complete the Quake Champions Trivia or Personality Test at the Bethesda Booth kiosk (Booth #418).  The grand prize was $10,000.  Nvidia were busy hiding golden tickets in random places in the hotel, where finding it could land you a brand new Nvidia graphics card.  Also Steam VR and the Vive had a large presence, where people could play Fallout 4 and Doom in VR.

The two big game events were previously unseen gameplay for Dishonored 2 and the upcoming Prey.  Both were fantastic.  Dishonored 2 kept the look and feel of the original, while expanding on the tools at your disposal as well as playing as Emily.  Prey was unique in that you could exit the derelict spacestation and find other areas to enter.  You can steal alien abilities, like “mimic”, where the player can turn into objects and pass obstacles.  The aliens are dark, mysterious, and vanishing.  The release date was “sometime in 2017”.

Ryan Shrout from PCPerspective and Nvidia’s Tom Pederson were back with the $30,000 in PC parts and accessories giveaway.  They missed last year with the birth of Ryans daughter.  As always the BYOC was teeming with PC case mods.  Here are a few sights and sounds from FG-2s time at Quakecon 2016






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