News: Pick up the original Splinter Cell for free until August 16th

Splinter Cell


Pick up your free copy of Splinter Cell off of Uplay by going under the “Ubi 30” tab.  Fans of the series can go back to where it all started, all for free.  But hurry up as this offer ends August 16th.  It looks like Raymans Origins will be next in line, starting August 17th for free.  Origin and Uplay seem to be teaming up or maybe they have the same consultants, because they feature each others games on their respective storefronts pretty frequently.  I didn’t think anyone could be tighter with money or greedier than EA, but it looks like Ubisoft actually is.  EA surprised me with the origin insider program, where for $5 a month you can have access to the “vault”, which includes full free games.  This also gives you a discount on purchasing new titles.  Then they started their “On the house” program, which is a random free game for a limited time.  While Ubisoft preorders and new games are typically full price, this seems to be a starting point for them maybe softening up a bit.

If you are not a Splinter Cell fan maybe this will help you get into it, or at the very least have some entertaining gameplay.



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