Preview: Clustertruck

Car surfing is a fun minigame in the Saints Row series among others, but what if you made an entire game out of it?

Clustertruck does just that. Your goal is to stay on top of a fleet of trucks until you reach the goal at the end of a short course. the catch? The trucks are being driven by absolute lunatics.


Each level begins with you standing on top of a truck with another on either side of you and more rows of three ahead of you. you can walk or spring and jump from truck to truck to avoid obstacles. if you fall off a truck, you fail the level.


Assuming you can keep you balance and avoid the obstacles, you will soon reach the end of the track and the goal.


It sounds so easy in theory. In practice, it isn’t.


My biggest complaint is the lack of correcting my jump while in the air. Air control is vague to say the least, but according to the dev log this has been remedied in the most recent update. This complaint may have also been a strength. By having less control in the air, you had to really plan out your jumps and think ahead. jumping blindly and hoping for a truck to land on was punished, usually brutally. Hopefully the balance between both options will be struck.

Level design had varied greatly in the alpha I played going from mostly flat tracks, to overhead obstacles, to the trucks jumping off cliffs, to whatever this is…


Spinning wheels of death?

If you’re a fan of platformers, especially 3D ones, Clustertruck is certainly forth following. I know i have enjoyed the Alpha Greatly and am interested in how the final product turns out.

Clustertruck is planned to release in September 2016. The alpha is downloadable here.

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