FG2’S (Cabooses) 2015’s Games to Play

Well the list of 2015’s games I wanted to play was longer than I expected.  Quite frankly, with a library of 2800 games I usually try to get a game in of the latest titles to give an informed opinion, as well as revisiting my favorite games of the past.   Some games here I’ll mention that I have not played.  It will be games I’ve watched gameplay of, heard raves about, and decided these are titles that you should not miss from 2015.  So if the description is short and sweet, I may not have experienced this title to its fullest, but it should warrant a look.



Black Ops 3.  Not my cuppa tea.  But it is for many.  I do enjoy the singleplayer however.  It is linear as always. Being a woman is an option, and the multiplayer soldiers has a backstory, a special weapon or ability.

Star Wars Battlefront.  Had high hopes for this one originally.  Then it just felt like Battlefield 4.5.  Especially with no spacebattles like the classic Battlefront 2.  But it did grow on me a bit.  “Drop Zone” was my favorite game mode, basically 8v8 capturing drop pods as they spawn.   Then of course Supremacy has the full map battles of 40 with X-Wings and AT-STs for the larger scale battles.  Hoth, Endor, Sullust and Tatooine are well done.

Mad Max.  Decent Length from a major movie turned game.  Open world sandbox with a story that should satisfy.  Oh did I mention death races?

Binding of Isaac, Afterbirth.  Am I cheating here?  A little bit maybe.  But the roguelike masochistic hell is a pleasure dungeon to dive through.

Undertale.  Any game that requires three playthroughs to get the full story and items and interactions is worth the money.  If it’s good enough to warrant three playthroughs.  Is it?  It is.

Axiom Verge.  Metroidvania speedrunning heaven.  Swapping between several weapons and tools to find which works against which bosses best is a challenge.

Beseige.  Medieval Kerbal build a destruction machine.  The physics engine.  Omg.


Heroes of the Storm.   Again not my cuppa tea, but this is a MOBA from Blizzard that changes the formula with success.  Several maps and Blizz characters to play, as well as a simple game to pick up make it a nice entry to those a little reserved about the genre.

Splatoon.  This little gem came as a surprise to all, but try playing this game without a smile on your face.  This refreshing little shooter but not killer will have you painting the town red.  Or yellow.  Or purple.

Batman Arkham Knight.  We won’t even go into the fiasco of Warner Brothers and the release, pull release, re-release.  I’ll talk about the gameplay.  It’s pretty great.  The characters in the game are great and represent themselves well.  Joker is in top form, as well as a surprise or two.  The presentation is great.  I guarantee you will shout out loud atleast twice, once in enjoyment and a second in fear.

Project Cars.  This game.  Is stunning.  In 4k it is (sometimes) hard to distinguish between game or live racing.  It’s somewhat of a Gran Turismo on PC, without quite the polished career mode.


Bloodborne.  This Dark Demon Souls hell hybrid is a semi-open cesspool of mindnumbing pain.  Good thing you can redeem some of that pain with quick reflexes, primary/secondary weapons giving it back to the mob.  This rewarding title will bring you hours of joy or sorrow.

Halo 5.  Cortana’s dead Cortana’s Alive.  O well. more post Bungie Halo.

Rainbow 6 Siege.  My god those c4 packs will make me rage every time.  Enough about that, R6Siege is at its core, a Rainbow Six game.  More modern, more shooter friendly, but just as tactical.  You won’t be a lone wolf for long.  See how well that works out for you.

Life Is Strange.  This is a Square Enix game you’d expect from Telltale.  Butterfly effect episodic marathon that you’ll be replaying making different choices to see just what impact different decisions make on the story.

Talos Principle.  How to describe this game…  It’s a puzzle solving romp through an ancient garden in Egypt with story tidbits and a philosophical side that will get anyone thinking. Deep game with meaningful puzzles and an outlook on human nature in general.

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round.  I’m cheating a bit here again but the gameplay is phenominal and one of the best technical fighters out there.  Ignore the dlc unless you want to gouge out your eyes.

Dirt Rally.  This is a fantastic sim that gives Codemasters a true return to racing perfection.  Every turn is rife with challenge and rewards or failures just an inch away.


Rocket League. This game is seriously the most fun you can have in one hour.  Can’t believe something dethroned Roller Derby Disco Dodgeball.  Even if you don’t like soccer you will love this game, I guarantee it.


Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain.  This is an open world basebuilding simulator.  The tactical options are there, with so many at your disposal, it’s hard to think of what you’re going to use to actually kill the enemy.  The fulton extraction is superb, the missions are fun and the story is great…..right until the end.  Curse you Konami for ruining Hideo’s vision and a profitable franchise.  (Also timeout for a second people.  After MGS4 and the movie’s worth of cutscenes, people were making fun of Hideo Kojima.  So in V every mission says “Written by Hideo Kojima, Directed by Hideo Kojima… AS A JOKE.  Seriously I think I’m the only one that gets that.) Also the Quiet encounter is fantastic.


Fallout 4.  Man oh man.  War never changes.  Neither does the game engine.  Jab jab Bethesda.  This first person RPG just became a first person shooter with RPG elements.  What is there, is fantastic.  I’m being hyper critical of this game because after FO3 I expected so much out of 4.  It has about half of the content, but my is it pretty.



Dying Light.  This is a pleasant surprise.  Move like Assassins Creed, gunplay like FarCry 4, and the gameplay mechanics of Dead Island, wrapped up into one beautiful package.  They actually managed to take elements of all these games and make it better.  From today’s short AAA titles, you think it will end and find out that is only half the map and content.  They are still updating the game today, cheers to the care and dedication of the developers!



The Witcher 3.  It’s not necessarily a winner for best game of 2015, but I can think of none better.  This is a true open world RPG in every sense of the word.  Fantastic writing, characters, gameplay, and monsters.  Every battle feels great, with making potions and poisons essential to making the battle go in your direction.  Like Fallout, this is another title you can sink 100 hours into easily without getting bored.




There are so many fantastic games out there, any one of them will be a pleasure to most audiences.  Any one of these titles would be worthy of your time.  Find yourself a sale, and find yourself a fantastic game to play through a rainy day.


Check out SOMA, as well as Assault Android Cactus.  2015! So hot right now!


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