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As a substitute teacher, covering classes outside the core subjects can be a real treat. Today, my particular adventure led me to a 12th grade High School Computer Science class. Within it was a group of five friends (3 guys, 2 girls) who did nothing but talk about video games as they finished the boring keyboarding assignment left for them by their teacher.

For a while, I just listened. They talked for a bit about games they had played recently, but then the conversation shifted. They started discussing their plans for a video game they have been trying to make together. Specifically, they were having a lot of trouble figuring out the kind of soundtrack they wanted to compose for it. Two of the students (1 boy, 1 girl) seemed very musically oriented, but it sounded like they didn’t have many reference points for composing what they called “mood pieces.” Like, a track for a battle, a track for somber moments, a track for when tragedy strikes, a track for a moment of victory, and so on.

Ocarina of Time

At this point, I couldn’t resist popping in some questions. I asked them encouragingly about their project and, with their enthusiasm and attention to detail, I figured that they were seriously working on creating their first game together, even if it turned out to be shit. But it was the soundtrack that was the sticking point for them at the moment. With their minimal gaming experience (it sounded like most of them have only played a few RPGs over the past few years, with their favorite being the Dragon Age series), they asked me if I could think of any good tracks for an assortment of moods/moments in a video game, so they could refer to them and thus help shape their own soundtrack. I told them I’d think about it and get back to them, as well as refer to the recommendations of others.

Long story short, for any of the FG2 readers, here is YOUR chance to remember all of those brilliant musical pieces from video games over the years, and to share them in a way that, just maybe, might matter! I’ve put together a brief list of the “mood pieces” they asked for, along with a few of my own suggestions I’ll be making to this group of young developers-in-the-making. Feel free to contribute and share your own, either in the comments section below or in the forums. I’ll make a grand list out of the legit submissions and I’ll be able to hand them off to these students next time I sub for that school.


THE DESCRIBED GAME – A dark fantasy RPG, probably a blended style/homage to Dragon Age & Divinity: Original Sin, with hints of sci-fi lurking in the background that become more apparent by the end of the story.

(the following descriptions are their own for you to work off of; the musical pieces are my suggestions that I’ll be giving them)

1. Battle Theme –

2. First Approach to a City –

3. Restful Moment (perhaps by a save point?) –

4. Somber/Tense Moment –

5. Exile to the Mountains –

6. Underwater Caves – (I have no idea yet for this one, so I have no musical suggestion here)

7. Ancient Ruins –

8. Boss Battle – (strangely, I’m also coming up with a blank for this one too)


All suggestions beyond my own are majorly appreciated as these peeps requested as much musical diversity as possible to work with. Game soundtrack references only though, please. No movie/TV soundtracks allowed. Please comment below or in the forums so I can read, listen, and pass them on. Thanks!

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