Hands on Preview: Doom Closed Alpha

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This weekend if you were one of the few chosen among those that had originally pre-ordered Wolfenstein TNO you got to play the closed alpha of Doom. Now this alpha wasn’t anything different from what we who attended Quakecon got to experience so my gameplay experience with the alpha didn’t need much time to determine my opinion of it. For lack of a better word, the multiplayer is just mediocre. Unfortunately I can not post any screenshots of me playing as this alpha had an NDA however at the bottom of this article you’ll find the gameplay trailer that id released and a few screenshots sprinkled in.

Now I may not have the most beastly computer among us writers here (Church likes to hoard the newest parts) but my computer is more than capable of running a game like this (i7 5820k, 780ti). That said while running around, at times I would get a usual 60+ fps however at random times that would drop to around 20 and hang around there for a little while. When you have a twitch based multiplayer you need to make sure your game is optimized enough in order to make sure the player running around has a smooth framerate. Obviously this is an alpha so there are going to be kinks that need to be worked out but seeing as this map, gameplay and mode are all the same from Quakecon I would imagine that that should have been fixed by now.

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On to the gameplay itself, the multiplayer isn’t bad persay but if feels like an attempt at combining the feel of an arena shooter like Quake at a much slower pace (obviously necessary for controllers due to not having the reaction speed in twitch shooters). That said it feels a bit meh at times and no one uses really any weapon besides the rocket launcher. You’ll find instances where someone is using the double barrel or the plasma rifle but for the most part people are jumping around shooting rocket launchers at each others legs. It takes a lot of fun out of the game when you have a very unbalanced weapons in a multiplayer. This was my complaint at Quakecon as well as I noticed just about everyone was jumping around with the rocket launcher and keeping an eye on the demon room. I should mention that demon room is a randomly spawning transformation space that turns the first player to get there into the Revenant (which you’ll see in the screenshot above). Though it does take damage, for the most part the health is too high to be able to combat it 1 on 1, which makes sense as a perk but if you surprise it with 4-5 shots it isn’t even half down in health. It might just be a bit overpowered for what it is.

Obviously this game is still in the works and when I personally think of Doom, I don’t think about multiplayer so that is going to be the same with me going into the game in its entirety. I’m waiting to get my hands on the singleplayer experience which from what I’ve seen both at Quakecon and E3 looks to be much better than the multiplayer.

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