News: Space Engineers – Planets

Few months ago Marek Rosa on his blog has talked about the development of planets and other large heavenly bodies. Since that time, a lot of things have been added to the game to prepare for deep space exploration, few of them include:

  • Random space base and space ships spawning (a little bit like Minecraft’s villages) throughout the vacuum
  • Oxygen, requires players to care for something more than just energy to survive on
  • randomized Asteroids, so you no longer have to rely on the first 9 that you set on your server, they will gradually appear more and more.

Yesterday additional info has been posted on official channels about the upcoming big update:



Here is the video from August’s Teaser:



And the Gallery posted 8 hours ago on Facebook:

The game develops in a very interesting way. It will appear to be competing with other space sims a bit more directly now. Hopefully optimization is done right, and multiplayer works more or less flawlessly. This game is more than promising

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