Review: Fallout Shelter

Fallout shelter is getting its first major content update as well as its Android release today. Many new features have made their way to the iOS version along with the launch of the Android version.


The new features include:

  • New enemies such as Molerats and Deathclaws
  • Mister Handy to collect resources or explore the Wasteland
  • Raiders will steal caps in addition to resources
  • And other bugfixes

Now for my review. Fallout Shelter lets you assume the role of Overseer of your very own Vault. You assign Vault Dwellers to work in rooms that provide your Vault with resources such as Power, Water, and Food. You can also snoop on your Dwellers as they work in their assigned rooms and see their conversations.

Aesthetically, Fallout Shelter is exactly what you want in a mobile app from the Fallout universe. The artwork is done in the iconic Vault Boy style and the hum of the Vault makes your vault feel alive.

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Controls for Fallout Shelter are easy to pick up as well. You can reassign a Dweller by tapping on him and dragging him to a different room. Simply tapping on a Dweller brings up their stats such as health, clothing, weapon, happiness, and S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats.

You gain new outfits and weapons by sending Dwellers out into the Wasteland to explore, or you can purchase lunchboxes which contain 4 cards giving you resources, weapons, clothing, or unlocking special dwellers. While your Dwellers are exploring you can check on them to see their health and current supply of Stimpacks and Radaway as well as a summary of their adventures.

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Your vault can also be attacked. Radroaches and Raiders were in the original release and are now joined by Molerats and Deathclaws. At Quakecon we saw a pack of 3 Deathclaws attack a vault. hope those Vault Dwellers were well armed…

The feature update allows you to buy a Mister Handy to help with collecting your resources or send to the wastes for $0.99 or 5 for $3.99. This was a welcome addition for me since my primary complaint was about the resource collection.

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While Fallout Shelter is very engaging at first I have two complaints. My first is about resource collection. Apparently all the Vault Dwellers must be guided by the hand since they will just sit there waiting forever if you don’t collect the resources from a room when it finishes. When I’m at work I can’t keep checking on my vault every few minutes when a room finishes, so i just miss out on the resources that it could be producing. If I neglected my Vault for a day or two all my reserves would be wiped out and my dwellers would be very irradiated from a lack of purified food and water, but every production room would be finished with fresh supplies waiting. This has been addressed by Mister Handy 99 cents at a time for him to keep harvesting resources on one floor per robot.

My other complaint is more difficult to fix. while i Just started a new vault on my Note 4, I’ve played a while on my iPhone work phone (don’t tell my boss). I have all the rooms unlocked, and I love the NukaCola Plant. i can keep all my Dwellers busy and happy when I’m actively collecting resources, but I don’t have a compelling reason to keep playing. Sure i can keep expanding and growing my vault, and i only have about 120 of the maximum 200 dwellers, but my interest is no longer there. There is no end goal, except the global leaderboards, which honestly isn’t enough of a draw for me.

Fallout shelter is a blast to start a new Vault with and try to overcome the struggle to keep a fledgling vault running. Once you do the magic dies fast, but that week or two sure is fun.

You can visit the official website here, or go the the iOS App Store or Google Play Store to get the app.

Replay Value2

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