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Now here’s something that will raise eyebrows.  It’s the portable Steam Machine.  Similar to a PS Vita with Steam Controller controls, you will be able to take your Steam Library with you.  Slated for a 4th quarter release in 2016, if you preorder November 10th you can secure a $299 pricetag.  The price will go up in the future according to Smach Zero.

The device will be x86-based and promises access to 1000+ SteamOS games.  It features an AMD G-Series SoC and a Jaguar-based CPU.  The 720p screen is an interesting choice, however should lead to decent framerates in higher demanding games for the platform.  Now you might think that this will be a waste of time considering devices like the Nvidia Shield can already stream full games acting like a second screen being powered from your desktop.  However worst case scenario is the less demanding games that weren’t on mobile are now available to take with you anywhere.  The battery life too is an unknown, so factoring in a decent battery life this will be an interesting device indeed.

Smach Zero


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