News: EVGA now letting customers buy Kingpin based on ASIC

Kingping ASIC


Oh how I should have waited.  We knew the Kingpin edition was coming.  Pictures were teased July 12th from the Kingpin forums itself.







Several people (some buddies and I included) bought the EVGA 980TI Superclocked and have been very underwhelmed with the ASIC values of these cards.  (Still satisfied with the performance)   For those of you who were like me a few months ago and have no clue what ASIC is, EVGA sums it up very well.

ASIC stands for “application-specific integrated circuit”, which is a general term used to describe a processor designed for a specific task. All GPU’s have varying levels of ASIC QUALITY levels, which can be read from applications like GPU-Z. The higher the ASIC quality, the rarer the GPU and the higher potential there is for a better overclock. Of course, this can vary and does not guarantee any specific overclock.

My ASIC value is a 67, while my friends was a 66.  Ordering a card that you know will get a certain ASIC value allows you to reach your target Overclocking easier, and have more confidence when buying.  This sounds fantastic, however I also noticed that when I use my stock clock of 1102, I get 86.89 fps in Tomb Raider.  With the clock cranked up to 1350, I reached 99.  Now I’m sure the gain between games will differ, and for bragging rights or for the absolute best fps this is seemingly the way to go.  With a 200 dollar difference in a 72+ ASIC to an 80+ ASIC, is it worth it?  Let us know in the comments below.


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