News: Dreamhack NA coming UPDATE!!!!


AND THE LOCATION IS….. Austin, Tx next year May 6-8 2016. It looks like we will definitely be there, so stay tuned for more information if you want to be a part of BYOC with us.


Announced this morning was that Dreamhack, a predominately EU LAN and gaming competition event, is coming to North America was a huge surprise. The largest LAN in NA is Quakecon but if Dreamhack is coming somewhere in the US or Canada then they will finally have competition. The situation arises however, where is Dreamhack NA going to be or is it going to be in several cities like it is in EU? One can assume that the cities they would probably include in a list would be Chicago, Boston or NY, LA, Seattle, Dallas/Houston and Toronto but they could definitely include more. As of right now all we have is their teaser trailer with more info being released on 8/7/15. If we have enough time lots of us will make an attempt at going to Dreamhack, so stay tuned to either this post or the forums for more information on a gathering.

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