News: More details about Fallout 4 emerge.

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More details emerge about Fallout 4, as November 10th will seem light years away for Fallout fans.  The Pip-Boy edition of Fallout 4 has emerged for $120 on Amazon, Best Buy and the Bethesda store.  All retailers have been selling out in less than a day, but most say more will be made available when possible.  Todd Howard at E3 flatout said it was a gimmick.  “But as far as stupid gimmicks go, it’s the best fucking one I have ever seen.”   This will be a second screen and companion app to the game.  You can see your stats, as well as play other games on the plastic gauntlet of smartphone holding doom.


Pip boy edition  Bethesda pip boy edition


Thanks to recent discussions with Todd Howard,  Game Informer  has shed more details on the city of Boston in Fallout 4.

  • Fallout 4 will be the most detailed, dense environment Bethesda has ever made.
  • New console technology will give the Creation engine more dynamic details and volumetric lighting.  (This can be a discussion unto itself.  Yes it will be made on consoles and ported to PC.  Instead of making a separate version of the game for each, they go with the lowest common denominator, consoles.  They might add a bit to PC but this hasn’t been confirmed yet.)
  • Fallout 4’s narrative has more paths and branching storylines than Fallout 3.  That way if you fail there’s a point forward and less reloading.
  • Boston and its surrounding regions offer more varied and vivid colors.
  • Fallout 4 has a weather system that sends radiation storms through the world. (YAY RAIN, that’s a first if you don’t count mods)
  • Fallout 4 wants to bring more emotion to the game, which is why they recruited male and female voice actors this time around.
  • Bethesda wants to bring a more robust combat system this time around. They consulted with id Software to improve shooting, as well as Bungie. You can play in first person, third person, vats, and aim down the sights.
  • The “VATS” system has been overhauled. Action no longer pauses and you have a critical shot meter that you can activate.
  • Auto-scaling enemies will now be in groups, of similar levels to the player and others a lot higher where you’ll have to run away.
  • Bethesda’s Radient AI and story will drive random encounters around the players settlements.
  • People will come to your settlement alone, as well as some you recruit. Settlements appear on your Pip-boy and you can send supplies and caravans throughout.
  • A gunship and other transportation options will be available.
  • The workshop system allows for deep customization of weapons.
  • Everything you collect in the world can be used to create settlements and customize weapons.
  • Dogmeat is back! Others as well.
  • Modding tools expect to be on the PC early 2016 with Xbox One soon after. PlayStation mod support might be further behind.
  • Bethesda and Howard want mods on Microsoft to be a good experience and as close to PC as possible.


Boston certainly looks different with past titles showing more wear and tear.  We do know that you will see pre-war areas, but this seems to be a huge game, with some areas hit harder than the next.  It sure looks like Bethesda poured their heart and soul into this title, and it looks like we will spend more hours into Fallout 4 than any previous offering to date.  Fallout 4 releases November 10th.


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