E3 2015: Ubisoft Conference




Ubisoft has been rather busy lately, with several titles in the works for this year and early 2016.  South Parks Stick of Truth has a followup after the huge success of the first title, which will be named “The Fractured But Whole”.


They also presented a brand new ip titled “For Honor”.  This title features an alternate history setting with vikings, knights, and samurai.  It has a unique “Art of Battle” combat system, which locks onto a target with stances.  Matching the stance will block, while one stance is superior to another in combat.  A minigame among the game of sorts.


This was followed with three, yes three of Tom Clancy’s titles in the works.  The first was Rainbow Six Siege, out October 13, 2015


The Division, like Rainbow Six Siege, was shown off in 2014.  A release date and new footage was shown this year.  The Division releases March 8th 2016.


Ubisoft also announced Ghost Recon Wildlands, which currently doesn’t have a release date.  This title is supposed to be Ubisoft’s largest ever open-world game.  The games developer says he’s rarely ever seen the same situation ingame twice.  “Does this mean we’ll see the end of scripted games? I can’t say that. But at the core of what we’re doing with Ghost Recon is the idea of putting the player back in control and avoiding a linear path.”


This game looked absolutely fantastic.  It takes about 10 seconds to see Anno 2205.


Assassin’s Creed Syndicate has a new Victorian-era trailer, showing off brother and sister protagonists.  It will release October 23rd for next gen consoles, while listed as “Holiday 2015” for PC.  It will contain The Darwin and Dickens Conspiracy as a pre-order bonus.

The Crew is getting a new expansion called Wild Run.



Also of note:

  • Trials Fusion will get an Awesome Level Max expansion.
  • Just Dance 2016 will have a subscription streaming service.
  • Trackmania Turbo is coming to PlayStation 4  and Xbox One currently, and it’s playable in VR.

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