E3 2015: EA Conference

EA’s conference came with the anticipation of what were they going to show of Battlefront and of Mass Effect. Well they started with Mass Effect and unfortunate as it is it was only a CG trailer which tells us that this game isn’t even close to being ready. I would expect their usual Jan/Feb release but not until 2017 it seems. No there won’t be any blue, green, red choices.

Following up with that EA announced their new Need for Speed which will be a combination of their best features in all their other NFS games, remember this is not a racing simulator game but just a racecade, it is coming out Nov 3rd:

It looks like The Old Republic is also getting a new expansion which will be completely free (as free can be for an paid access wall game) called Knights of the Fallen Empire, here is the trailer:

EA is also following the path of some of the other Publishers in acquiring small studios and letting them have a bit of a budget to create “indie” titles, the one they decided to show off was Unravel:

They showed a bit more gameplay for the PvZ:GW2

Showed several trailers for different EA Sports titles including NHL, NBA, FIFA and Madden:

Finally the two games most were also waiting for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and Star Wars Battlefront, I don’t think either of these need an introduction:

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