E3 2015: Xbox Conference

xbox conference

Microsoft came out of E3 with a bang in hopes of trying to take control of the console market share away from the more recently dominating Sony. They wanted to show several console exclusives and even their new HoloLens which looks incredible.

When you start a conference you want to start big and that was with Halo 5. One of the characters in Halo 5 is Nathan Fillion as one of the spartans so lets hope there is a firefly reference in there somewhere. Halo 5 seemed to be taking more of an ODST approach to gameplay with more emphasis on squad mechanics instead of the one man army of the early Halo’s. Whether or not 343 is losing the edge in Halo that Bungie created before they left is left to be seen however they aren’t doing well with Halo 4 and Master Chief Collection:

Along with Halo 5 comes the new Warzone MP mode for the game:

Microsoft wanted to continue the Xbox exclusive list with a game called ReCore which looks to be an adventure game featuring a girl and her dog/robot/blue orb thingy:

The big news however after ReCore was that Microsoft figured out how to make the Xbox One backwards compatible and thanks to that almost all 360 games will be playable on the Xbone. We will talk about this in greater length on our E3 podcast after the event however this could imply that msoft themselves created an emulator inside of their new Win 10 os on the Xbox and it might be cracked to be put on PC in the future. All we know is it’ll take time to find out if that will be effective option or not.

They also announced a new Xbox Controller with 4 extra buttons on the back with modable components:

Following the Controller Todd Howard of Bethesda came out and talked about Fallout 4 with news of Fallout 3 coming with FO4 on Xbox One and that mods created on PC will be available on Xbox One. Now this probably means Msoft and Bethesda have come up with a way to charge console owners for skin mods on Xbox instead of Bethesda having to pay for the $10k content update price for updating their game. Now these mods will probably not include the graphics enhancement mods as there is really no way for the console to handle improvements like that but you will probably begin to see some of the more ridiculous skin mods that we love to mess around with here on PC.

A few more trailers including Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2, Forza 6 and Dark Souls 3:

Microsoft is also making a push for indie games like crazy to strengthen their xbox live store:

Dean Hall came out and talked about his new game Ion, remember that Dean Hall has not finished a game yet so unless this is a fully polished game (which it being on a console and Steam’s new refund policy might make it) then be very wary of any gameplay that comes out for it:

SquarEnix also came out to show off their gameplay for the new Tomb Raider:

Rare is trying to make a come back, albeit without most of the devs that started the developer, with their 30 year Rare Replay game and their new game Sea of Thieves:

Now for the most impressive part of their E3 Conference, Hololens being played with on Minecraft. This looks so very impressive that we can’t wait to get our hands on one of these devices:

And finally they wrapped up the conference with a new Gears of War game and the remaster of Gears of War 1:


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