E3 2015: Sony Conference

Like all the other conferences, Sony also apparently wanted to come out with a bang while finally showing gameplay for The Last Guardian (boy oh boy is this a long time coming). It was originally announced for PS3 mid life and now it is coming to PS4, one has to think that there were snags in the development

Guerrilla games is next with a brand new IP for playstation. If you recall Guerrilla games is the one responsible for the “halo killer” Killzone but it seems like they are going with a different direction and trying to make something original instead of copying another franchise just to beat it, smart move Sony. Their new game is called Horizon Zero Dawn. It looks to be a 3rd person RPG where you are a race of humans that have formed tribes long after the modern civilization of humans are gone and are fighting versus robot creatures. Looks really interesting to be sure.

The next two games are PS4 and PC exclusives, (Hitman might be coming to Xbox, no news though) Hitman and Street Fighter V

We also finally got to see gameplay of No Man’s Sky in which Sean Murray went to a random planet in the vast system of planets to explore it. This game will be on PS4 first but will be coming to PC sometime later. No news on when nor when it’ll release on PS4.

Firewatch PC/PS4:

Destiny The Taken King expansion coming in Nov:

Two new Final Fantasy announcements which more than likely will be on all consoles and PC but will be playable first on PS4 at least for the console version. One looks interesting the other is a BIG surprise

After 14 years they are finally making a new Shenmue and are kickstarting it (at this moment it has already passed its $2 million goal)

A little bit more on Morpheus at E3:

Black Ops 3 gameplay which features Ben Browder as one of the voices (Stargate SG-1)

And finally, after they had problems with their demo working they showed off what looks to be the final Uncharted

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