E3 2015: Nintendo Digital Event

This “conference” for Nintendo was done entirely online so it wasn’t in front of a crowd but an online stream of a recorded session. The first game they showed off was the new Star Fox and how Star Fox came to be originally.

In celebration of Mario’s 30th anniversary, Nintendo is coming out with their Super Mario Maker where you can create a level from just about any of Mario’s side scrolling platformers and can even use your amibos to put new characters in it. It will be out September 11th 2015.

Here is the Mario Maker at the World Championships:

New Zelda handheld called Triforce Heroes where you play with 2 others to do different tasks.

Also coming to 3ds is Hyrule Warriors Legneds, the Dynasty Warriors game with Zelda universe characters instead of the Chinese dynasty characters. It will also work with amiibos. It’ll be out in 2016 and only for the new 3DS.

Metroid Prime Federation Force is also coming on 3ds, which is a 4 player coop game with a few random online modes that is coming in 2016.

And with Nintendo riding Fire Emblem hard lately we are getting another one called Fire Emblem Fates. It looks like they are seriously concentrating on the story with this one.

Now getting into the Wii U titles Xenoblade Chronicles X which is due out this year looks really interesting.

Ha just kidding another 3ds title, Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer (obviously this may not be a few people’s cup of tea).

Following the Animal Crossing trend is Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival. Looks like animal crossing mixed with mario party and amiibos

Yoshi Dev story:


Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam which seems to be a paper mario and mario rpg crossover

New Mario Tennis:


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