E3 2015: Bethesda Conference

E3 begins this year a little earlier with Bethesda making their first conference ever. With that conference came the first public footage of Doom along with Fallout 4, Battlecry and Dishonored 2.


First up Doom. The first bit of the gameplay was that what was shown at Quakecon last year with a bit more however id finally showed off what the multiplayer was and the new Doom Snapmap which allows users to submit game modes and maps to bethesda.net where anyone can play them. Doom will be out in Spring of 2016. Here is the gameplay:

Shortly after we got the first announcement of Dishonored 2:

Finally the end of the show was Fallout 4 information including the release date of 11-10-15 (another veteran’s day release), and the new settlement design system which allows you to build just about anything you want including a system to change lights, setup traps and much more (I’m thinking some really creative people are going to make some insane settlements).

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