News: After 12 years Xfire Social is Shutting Down

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Update: Thanks to comments below if you want to export your xfire time to evolve you can here:

This is going to be a part news article and a part remembrance. This morning xfire announced what we all knew was coming, they were shutting down their client/social services in favor of their esports tournament application. If you have an account you can download your screenshots from here:

If you need to archive your profile and you don’t already have it in then follow these steps:

1 – Go to one of these sites (obviously insert your username instead of the YOURUSERNAMEHERE):

2 – Ctrl+S to save the web page to your computer (Choose “Web Page, Complete”) and open the web page (.html page) with notepad++ or your editor of choice. Then press Ctrl+F to search and replace the following line, under the replace tab of notepad++:

display: none

Replace All this code with nothing, or with a space, essentially deleting this code.

3 – Open the .html file in web browser, viola. Manually re-write or screenshot data.

Now the game hours won’t be in order but at least you have it archived for your storage.


For those that remember xfire especially in the beginning it was the first client that tracked your hours in games and did it well. At the time we had no way of consolidating our games into one client where we could launch, patch, track etc. but xfire came along and changed all that. Xfire was what steam is today. It had everything, patch downloads based on what games it detected, launching games that you had installed, an overlay for chatting in game, screenshots, video recording (came in 2008 or so), friends list, server searching and most importantly game hour tracking. It was a great application that Steam essentially made redundant in 2009 when they implemented game tracking within Steam itself along with profiles. I remember always making sure that my client was running so I could record those many hours in Galaxies and though Xfire didn’t come out until 6 months after Galaxies launched I still was able to accumulate 1000 hours in Star Wars Galaxies and 2k+ on Counter-Strike Source. So I salute you Xfire for being the beginning of a generation of making PC Gaming that much easier. Allowing friends and communities to get together more easily. For that we will always remember you for what you were, one of the best game clients to come around.

Here is Xfire’s Statement:


In 2003, Xfire released the Xfire Client, the first product to bring the outside world into your games. Since its humble beginnings as a simple chat client it has steadily grown to enable users to take screenshots, videos, and live broadcasts and share them on the Xfire Social Website. Attracting over 24 million users into a healthy and vibrant community, it set the standard for the socialization of PC Games.

Twelve years bring a lot of change to an industry. This is especially true in the fast paced world of gaming and the dynamics of the industry have changed significantly in this time. Since Xfire was first released, we’ve seen 3 console generations, the advent of mobile gaming, the transition from packaged games to digital distribution, and the rise of Free To Play games.

We’ve also seen esports grow from small LAN Parties into a maturing industry. Esports has the potential to grow as large as its real world counterpart, and at Xfire, we want to be a part of that. For this reason, we have decided to sunset the Xfire Client and the social site so we can focus our efforts on The Xfire Tournament Platform. This hasn’t been an easy decision. We have a lot of loyal users and we know many of you will be disappointed by the loss of the client and community. But we feel that we are well positioned to make a significant impact in bringing the exhilaration of esports from the pros to the masses, and we can’t do that effectively while also maintaining the client and social website.

We’d like to thank our loyal fans and users who have stuck with us over the years and we hope that you’ll join us on the next chapter of Xfire either as a tournament organizer, a team owner, a participant, or a spectator.

We understand that a lot of our users are attached to the screen shots and videos that were uploaded to your profiles and we want to make sure you don’t lose them. If you’d like to recover them, you can do so using the form below.

Thanks again for using Xfire, and we look forward to see you in a tournament in the near future.

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