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Steam has released another news, all the expected devices like Steam Machines, and Steam Controller and the Steam Link are now available for a pre-purchase via steam store. Now they don’t ship out immediately but on October 16th, and only if you pre-order now while quantities are limited.




The Controller itself has changed the shape and design many times prior to this announcement, and many rumors suggested that Valve may cancel the design involving touch-pad features, but as the final picture (looks like render still) shows them still there. Price of the device is rather average for a wireless controller, whether or not it will perform enough to hold its place against popular Xbox 360’s, One’s and Playstation’s 3 and 4, we will see.

Steam explains the device further with a video:




Steam Link is an interesting device, it will allows you to save some money from buying a second computer designed specifically for the “living room”, so you can have your fire breathing machine in another room, and the game room can be secluded, quiet and “cool” place, unlike an option with a high TDP machine in the same place making you sweat not of choices in the game but of temperatures of the machine itself.



Steam does not list full specification of the main device, and the “visit the website” button links to GameSpot page of the device. There we learn that there will be so far 4 varieties of the device at different price points. Unfortunately GameSpot “product details” tell us even less than Steam’s page, devices will feature Intel’s i3, i5, i7, with addition of nVidia’s GeForce. We don’t know which card it will be (as that is the most important part in the machine), but 2GB of VRam is not that impressive, especially at that price range.

Here is a photo of GameSpot’s page:



A lot of buyers will most likely consider upgrading the most obvious choice of the HDD (spinning disk drive) to a SSD for additional boost in speed and reduction in noise and temperature.



Fourth option given to us by Steam is “Syber.” Steam links to their website for more information. Steam’s approach was to have a device a bit more attractive in the living room. Syber’s approach appears to look like a slightly upgraded small office desktop box.



To be frank here, the devices compared to actual cost of parts in a store and including a really small computer case to match the description, ARE OVERPRICED. I expected that of Alienware though, no surprises there.


Steam wants to release more items in the forseable future.




It is interesting though, that only controller can be bought directly from the Steam store. All other devices use external vendors.

I invite you for further discussion about prices and specifications of the devices as well as expectations of the quality and other rumors to our forums.




Source: Steam, GameSpot, Syber

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  • davoz28

    Well I don’t think I’d be able to do this with my shitternet. It’s also a problem with my Nvidia Shield streaming.

    • Trace Johnson

      Your internet has nothing to do with steam streaming

      • davoz28

        I thought it was over a router?

        • Trace Johnson

          Yes which has nothing to do with your internet