Nvidia introduces AndroidWorks for game development



Android games may make huge strides in the upcoming future.  With AndroidWorks, mobile developers will have access to support, samples, libraries and tools from a team of over 200 Nvidia engineers “focused on the cutting edge of games and graphics development.”  With Nvidia’s Shield devices, Nvidia has been focused on Android gaming for quite some time now.  We’ve seen a sample of what they can do from the early games like Riptide GP to more complex games such as The Talos Principle, War Thunder, and of course Half Life and Portal.


However AndroidWorks are not just for Tegra Devices.  “AndroidWorks helps us bring players incredible mobile experiences on a variety of Android devices and chipsets” said Lewis Strudwick, studio technology director at EA Melbourne.


The goal is to help developers go beyond the Android software development kit.  It allows developers a reliable source for debugging applications, as well as reducing the configuring of Android app development system to a single click.  Integration of Microsoft Visual Studio through Nsight Tegra provides an ideal working environment and streamlines options that will save developers time developing apps.  Nvidia pledges to provide frequent updates to AndroidWorks to ensure developers have “the most robust and stable development environment”.


With more and more great games coming out on the mobile platform, the future of mobile gaming might not look so different from your gaming PC.


Source: Nvidia

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