News: Blade and Soul West Release Announced

blade and soul

NCSoft yesterday announced that the west (NA and Europe) would finally be getting Blade and Soul the martial arts mmo. Originally the game was announced back in 2008 and I had been following it since but had given up hope of any west release. But we are finally getting it and it’ll be f2p. Along with that it will also have no “fatigue system” which is a system that was put in place in Asian countries to prevent people from playing too long. It will also be uncensored (Rated M), not be pay2win (only cosmetic items) and the servers will be located in Texas and Germany. The big thing about this game is also that it is region based so the NA/EU version of the game will be nothing like the Korean or Japanese versions.

Here is the original announcement trailer:

Here is a class trailer:

This is their recent livestream video:

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