News: Guild Wars 2 Necromancer becomes Reaper with Greatsword Specialization

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Arenanet announced today the newest specialization, The Reaper for the Necromancer. With this specialization, the necro gets to use the greatsword and that comes with some seriously cool skills. Though the attacks will be slower than most greatsword abilities in other classes, they will be very powerful despite the long cast time as well. The idea behind the Reaper is much different than that of any of the other classes. Anet decided to design the class around the elements of many horror movies and games including the look of Pyramid Head from Silent Hill games (please put a pyramid hat in the gem market Anet). Thus the dark and fierce Reaper was born. The first minor trait for Reaper is called Death Shroud, when activating such the greatsword turns into a scythe which proceeds to allow the Reaper to do massive damage with various skills.

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That first skill would be Death’s Charge which has the Reaper spinning his “scythe” around while proceeding to do damage and being able to move a bit. After the skill ends it proceeds with the Reaper releasing a giant poison cloud (Condition Damage HOOOO). Death’s Charge replaces the Dark Path ability that brings the necro closer to enemies (thank god). You can also effect Death’s Charge with the Paths of Corruption trait that allows for boons on enemies to convert to conditions. Along with the new skills Anet has added Chill to a lot of abilities as thematically a Reaper should make you feel chills along with fear. So two more traits include Shivers of Dread (Inflict Chill if you give an enemy fear) and Cold Shoulder (makes Chill last longer and less damage to you).

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The greatsword skills are just as awesome as the traits and death shroud. The first skill, the Gravedigger execution skill, delivers a slow but powerful blow to all foes around the Repear and if any of the enemies are below 50% health the skill’s recharge time is reduced. Along with the GS skills the Reaper gets new shout skills including one called Rise which does a small amount of AOE damage around the Reaper and then summons a jagged horror for each enemy damaged by this shout (time for a Suicide jagged horror build). For more info on the Reaper visit here:

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