News: Star Wars Celebration Bring Battlefront and Episode VII News

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Church’s Thoughts:

Star Wars Battlefront reveal trailer is out.  It certainly showcases the engine and animations, as well as Hoth and Endor.  While the details are short, Patrick Back, General Manager at DICE told IGN a bit more.  “It’s not much about space.”  Wait.  Hold up.  ITS NOT MUCH ABOUT SPACE?!?!?!  Thats half the game and fun of battlefront!!! I saw this and my heart dropped.  How did I know that when EA and DICE got ahold of this they would screw it up…  Ladies and Gentlemen this will be a Battlefield 5, I’m calling it now.  No campaign, no space battles, and 4 maps…  With a few guest appearances by Star Wars characters.  I really wish I didn’t allow myself to get hyped about this game.  But I did.  I’m so disappointed I can’t even give you a longer rant.  I guess we’ll see what we get November 20th.

During the convention held in Anaheim this week we got previews for the new Battlefront game along with an awesome movie trailer. There is a bit of news besides just the CG trailer they released. The first big news is that there will be NO space battles. Now this is probably a bummer to most fans of the series as the space battles were one of the most fun things to do however I would be surprised if they added it later as DLC, so don’t count it out yet. The other news is there is no prequel content, so no Jedi starfighters however there is an assumption that this will all come with DLC packs. No I’m only operating on the opinion that I think EA will use this content as an opportunity to get people to buy their premium service for the game as they have shown time and time again that they have no problem cutting content for DLC.

With that said there are a few more news regarding the game. There may not be any campaign but DICE did say that you can play missions with bots on or offline. So get a few friends together and play 4 vs 60 like the 1942 days. On top of that there will be no battlelog. According to a reddit comment by a DICE developer, they are working on something completely new for Battlefront. They were intentionally vague about what that is so it is entirely possible that the stats, server browser, etc. will all be in a launcher instead of a browser. Source

For shits and giggles, here is the Episode VII trailer:

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