Mortal Kombat X releases on PC, fails.

mortal kombat x


For those of you who aren’t playing GTA V on PC, Mortal Kombat X also released today.  While it shows roughly 1500 players currently, many more are complaining about how it immediately crashes when you try to fight.  This 3.8GB download supposedly is to let us play faster (lol), while the rest downloads in the background.  Why oh why did they try this.  This isn’t how steam works, or was meant to be played.  Preloading?  Sure.  I mean, no problems with GTA V.  So I was looking around to see if I could come up with a fix.  I tried verifying integrity of game cache.  Nope.  Then I saw in updates where I had “follow my global settings” which was to stop any background downloads.  THAT MUST BE IT!?!?!   I mean the 3.8GB initial download was to let you play while the rest downloads in the background.  I chose “always allow background downloads”.  Still nope.  Still waiting.  Going to go to sleep now, and hopefully in the morning we will be able to download the entire freaking game at once and stop this nonsense.  Sincerely, one very annoyed gamer.


***UPDATE*** It is now playable for the majority, but features such as story mode and towers are still missing…

***UPDATE #2*** As soon as I typed that there was a 13mb steam update. All MKX features are FINALLY  unlocked.

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