FG2 Awards: Most Anticipated and Game of the Year

We apologize for taking so long on getting these out, next year we are going to change a few things to get them out faster including not doing the voting the way we have been and having the games decided in December. Before we get to GOTY we have one more award which is more of a hype award if anything and that would be Most Anticipated of 2015. Now one of these games came out already but that doesn’t change the award all that much as this was decided before the game released. The nominees for Most Anticipated include: Final Fantasy XV, Witcher 3, Evolve, Project Cars and Uncharted 4. And the winner is……


The Witcher 3. If the hype is true, this game will be at least 10 times more massive than Witcher 2 and will be the best looking game to date. The writers here at FG2 are most excited for this game and though a certain editor (me) needs to finally finish the first two, we will make sure we have a trilogy review ready.













This was a difficult category to finally decide on, we had 3 games that were neck and neck and even I had problems myself deciding on which game was truly deserving of Game of the Year. However after all the votes were cast we did get a winner. The nominees for GOTY included South Park Stick of Truth, Divinity Original Sin, Alien Isolation, Shadow of Mordor and Dragon Age Inquisition. And the winner is……

Shadow 1

Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor. This game was a blast to play and it was absolutely fascinating to see a story told outside of the usual Tolkien books however the feature that truly put Mordor on top was the Nemesis System. This system is going to absolutely change the way we play single player games. Allowing for players to experience a totally different singleplayer from each other in that everyone will have a very different final boss/enemy. It personalized the story to the player and it made it all that more engaging. Besides a few hiccups in the story and a bit of inconsistency this game was well worthy of being played and will go down as a turning point in singleplayer games for years to come.

I would like to give a special recognition to both Dragon Age and Alien Inquisition. Despite Mordor winning GOTY, both of those other two games were fantastic and are must plays so are Divinity and South Park but you can only have one winner each year. We look forward to all the games of 2015 and hope that lots of games surprise us with how good they can be.

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