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Finally out of early access, gussied up with a story and ambitions Imagine Me found its way back to my play list.  I was kinda of hoping to see a polished platformer now from the clunky steps of a drunken character in early access.  Unfortunately, this will be my shortest and not very sweet review to date.  This is a game you pretty much have to take at face value, because that’s pretty much all there is.  The “story” as it were, is to unlock the memories of Robbe  by navigating from  randomly generated dungeon to dungeon.  Only they’re not that random, and they get to feeling repetitive.


Imagine Me is a 2D platformer that consists mainly of spike avoiding and jump puzzles. Throw in a couple moving flame faces to dodge and its a fairly hard platformer.  The ledges require precise timing on the jump, allowing the maximum distance to be travelled.




The problem is it’s clunky.  The controls are just not fluid.  When you try to move forward and jump at the same time, you might do one or another, but not both.  This makes the navigation really frustrating.  There may also be some boxes blocking progress that require a key.  Getting to this key is sometimes impossible, and you have to restart in another randomly generated dungeon.  Also, there might be a key in front of you up on a ledge, but you’re down too far and can’t possibly navigate up to get it.   Can’t find the exit?  I’ve found they are almost always on the bottom left or bottom right, if not right in front of you, a couple platforms away.

Throw in some companions, that is random characters from other steam games, and you have something that is kinda  neat, but hinders the “alone” factor of just you trying to find your memories.  2015-03-08_00004


I know it sounds like I’m hitting this game kind of hard, and I am.  I love platformers, this one just doesn’t cut it.  For $2.99 you can’t really get that mad for spending money on it to find out, let me know if you agree.


Story 3
Replay Value3
The soundtrack isn't bad, but the jumping "Panting dog" sound gets old real fast. I'd get Electronic Super Joy or Super Meat Boy if you're looking for that perfect platformer, or The Impossible Game if you want to bang your head against the keyboard in frustration. But hey, you will do that playing this title as well. Thank goodness it's only $2.99

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