News: Valves VR headset, Vive, getting a lot of attention.



I bet when Mark Zuckerberg bought Oculus Rift for 2 billion he didn’t see this coming.  HTC’s Jeff Gattis unveiled the hyped HTC One M9 at the Mobile World Congress, hardly a secret at this point.  But when the HTC Vive, a VR headset powered by SteamVR technology was announced, heads rolled.  Quite literally.  70 internal sensors?  90 fps compared to Oculus’ 75?  Wow.  Yes 90 compared to 75 doesn’t sound like a huge feat, but when VR users complain of nausea and headaches, this could be a big deal in keeping the fluidity of the platform high. The Vive uses a gyrosensor, accelerometor, and laser position sensor to track your head’s movement to 1/10th a degree.   With dual 1200×1080 screens, it is designed to let you move around in spaces up to a 15 ft. by 15 ft environment.   Along with the display this “eliminates jitter” and achieves “photorealistic imagery” according to HTC.


Key features of the Vive –

Built on the SteamVR Platform

90Hz display

1200×1080 resolution per eye

110 degree field of view

360degree rotational tracking to a 1/10th degree accuracy

Optional base stations for accurate positional tracking up to a 15×15 feet area

“Custom” ergonomic dual-weild controllers with position tracking made specifically for VR by HTC


Lets talk about that last one for a second.  The HTC made wireless controllers are made for manipulating objects or shooting weapons through hand tracking, and are “designed to be so versatile that they will work with a wide range of VR experiences.”  This includes partners like HBO, Lionsgate, and Google.  But talk it cheap.  Controller construction is a big deal.  If you’ll remember, Valves’s own controller has been criticized for the circular, concave thumbpads.  If Oculus had anything in mind they wouldn’t have bought the team that designed the Xbox 360 controller.  So obviously this is good in theory; but execution, as we have seen, is easier said than done.  This could be where Oculus gains some ground back, only time will tell.

*DISCLAIMER* The Oculus is still in dev mode, therefore specs could change before release.



The HTC Developer Edition will launch this spring, and a full consumer release before the end of the year.  Stay tuned for more details.


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