Preview: Europa Universalis IV: El Dorado DLC

Paradox is released new DLC for the EUIV game today. The game is one of the biggest changes and enhancements the game has received so far. The list of changes include:

– A deep Nation Designer gives you new starting options for your games, including national ideas and custom monarchs

– Experience the new Nahuatl, Inti and Mayan religions with blood sacrifices or Sun Worship

– Send your conquistadors to hunt for the Seven Cities of Gold, or your explorer on exploration missions around the world

– Gold Fleets can traffic New World wealth back to Europe, and be targeted by your privateer fleets

– Use your trade fleets to hunt dangerous pirates

– Maintain good relations with the Pope so you can get a corner of the world to call your own in the Treaty of Tordesillas


Expansion’s features like the Nation Designer is a new tool that let’s you customize and create an entire new country with unique and modified ideology and bonuses that can adapt exactly to the way you want to play. You can place a country wherever you want, and even play a custom country on an entirely blank world map. This may change how people play multiplayer games in the series, as you are no longer limited to the “historical creativity” of the developers and be the true master of your own lands.

Additionally, the game gives a lot new features to the new world’s nations of Mayans, Aztecs Incas and more that now have a slightly more complex system of religion that needs to be satisfied with sacrifices. And as a European, you get to not only invade and conquer but also engage in a quest of finding the lost city of gold – El Dorado.

The DLC releases today at a price of 14.99, and new content pack that enhances visuals of soldiers from the new world, and adds five new songs to the game for 5.99, available on Steam and other retailers.

Here is the official video that highlights the changes and enhancements.


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