News: Destiny player needing help via PS4 Shareplay gets save files deleted.



PS4 Game Share seemed like a great thing Sony was bringing to the table.  Sony was letting PS4 owners share their games over the internet, letting others take control of the game, a great way to get through a tough spot or something you’re stuck on.  You could also stream music while playing a title, not limiting it to Sony’s unlimited music streaming.  If it included something like Steams “Library Sharing” it might have been more impressive, as the PS4 Share Play is limited to one hour.  Sounds nice, right?  Well not for this guy.  A player with the handle “Cuckooknight HD”  connected to “KirmitTHEfrog”, wanting to have him help boost his character.  While away from his tv, KirtmitTHEfrog deletes his level 31 Warlock and level 26 Titan, and tries to mess with the level 23 Hunter before the user “noticed” and reset the PS4.


At 12:26 is where KirmitTHEfrog connets.


Real?  Fake?  Does it really matter?  The point here is ALWAYS  safeguard your account,  whether it being passwords, or overwatch while a “friend” is helping you out.


Source: Gamespot

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