FG2 Awards: Winners for New IP, Story, Graphics/Presentation And Audio


These are games that are fresh new IPs that we have not seen before. The nominees were Watch Dogs, Bravely Default, Titanfall, Valient Hearts and Wolf Among Us. And the winner was….

watch dogs 6

Watch Dogs. Watch Dogs despite having problems and not living up to the potential of the E3 2012 presentation is still a fantastic game at its core and presents a real good opportunity for future iterations. Watch Dogs had a nice blend of “hacking” traps available to the user as he made his way completing various tasks and missions to find out who killed his niece. As was the case with Assassin’s Creed, the first Watch Dogs game could be the testing ground for a bunch of great new mechanics that could really add a lot along with a “universe” setup to be quite interesting if they can work on the story some more.











BEST Story:

The nominees for best story included Wolfenstein TNO, Walking Dead Season 2, South Park Stick of Truth, Dragon Age Inquisition and Tales of Xillia 2. And the winner was…..

Wolfenstein - 3

Wolfenstein The New Order. Let me preface this by saying we absolutely loved what Machine Games did with a dead franchise. They absolutely revitalized the IP with a new take on many old characters and brought in a whole bunch of new fresh characters. Even a giant mentally retarded big adult elicited more emotion and reaction out me than many characters I have seen in recent games. On top of that the story that Machine Games developed for TNO was a fantastic change from the usual WW2 or even Wolfenstein games allowing for a future releases to potentially just as enthralling as this one.














BEST Graphics/Presentation:

This category is a little different from the usual “Best Graphics” awards that you might see around. This category includes not just appealing and high end graphics but also the aesthetics and art assets chosen to give an overall visual presentation. The nominees for this award included Wolfenstein TNO, Watch Dogs, Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, Alien Isolation and Shadow of Mordor. And the winner is…..

Alien 9

Alien Isolation. Alien Isolation not only looked like one of the graphical games last year, textures and effects, but also brought about absolutely fantastic representation of the original Alien movie. Everything from the panels, to the ships and even the doors were a great reproduction of what many of us Alien fans grew up loving. The classic 1980’s Scifi feel is ever so much prevalent in this game. I mean just look at this gameplay:
















BEST Sound:

This is another category that is a mixture of both sound effects, music and voice acting. If there is no voice acting that doesn’t hurt the game’s potential any just we take into effect sound effects and music that much more. The nominees for Best Sound included Divinity Original Sin, Wolfenstein TNO, Alien Isolation, Dragon Age Inquisition and Shadow of Mordor. And the winner is…..

Alien 3

Alien Isolation. As mentioned in the Graphics/Presentation award, Creative Assembly did a fantastic job bringing to life the original movie into this fantastic game. The voice acting, the sound effects even the tense music was all there. It made the Alien and the environment all that more suspenseful and amazing. I will say something before some want to get on us for not possibly choosing Dragon Age Inquisition. The Soundtrack for that game was amazing however the down side is that it was hardly ever played and was never used in the correct moments. This can absolutely kill the feel of a moment in the game when you have nothing but ambient birds chirping while hacking away at armies.


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