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Does Ready at Dawn’s PS4 exclusive live up to its hype?

The Order takes place in a steam punk world in the city of London during the year 1886. You play as Sir Galahad a member of The Order, which is a group of sacred knights sworn to protect liberty and it’s people. Sir Galahad is a strong leader and veteran of hunting the werewolves known as half breeds. He puts honor and duty before all, making him the best knight of the round table. This dark gritty world is not only full of evil humans but beasts as well. You and your team will go on various missions to fight and protect the people of London. You are leading a team of interesting and diverse characters. There is Lady Igraine who is your young, arrogant, and wise cracking joke teller who likes to bust your chops. On the other hand you have Marquis De Lafayette. With rebel attacks going on throughout the city and their unclear reason why puzzles Sir Galahad and his mentor, Sir Perceval. After the death of his mentor during a rebel attack, Sir Galahad is on a blood-soaked path of vengeance to find out the real reason behind the rebels motives. Leading not only to a very exciting plot twist, but also revealing an enemy that you would of never guessed. Although, the game has very well known story elements, it still motivated me to play till the end just to know what happens next!

The Order 1886

The gameplay mechanics are very basic. You have to take cover, you shoot with your cross hairs, and your health automatically regenerates when not being attacked. The stealth sections of the game are very forgettable and mediocre at best. It provided no challenge since the a.i is dumb founded. There is one mechanic I had quite a lot of enjoyment with. It was called Black Sight, when activated the screen goes white and you automatically aim at enemies vital body parts shooting them rapidly while switching between various enemies. It reminded me a lot of the dead eye mechanic in Red Dead Redemption. Although, the mechanic was done before it feels like it has been improved in this game and easier to execute. For the most part, the a.i in this game was bland at best. It felt more like a shooting gallery rather than an epic fire fight in the campaign. They could’ve done a lot more with the a.i such as tactical behaviors, personality between the human enemy types, having moral, and running away when they are losing the fight. Instead of just running towards me like a drove of cavemen. The only real intense moments I actually enjoyed were the lycan encounters. They climb, they hide, and will attack you from any direction. Leaving you on the edge of your seat, that’s the only part of the game where it seemed to be done correctly when regarding the a.i. Nothing in this game offered anything we haven’t seen before, except for the weapon design.

saving his ass the order

With historical figure Nikola Tesla giving you and your valiant knights unique weapons to fight off the enemies of the throne. You will receive weapons like the M2 Falchion, M4 Dragoon Revolver, and the Three Crown Shotgun. The best weapons in the game is hands down the Thermite Rifle and Arc Lancer. The Thermite Rifle shoots out an array of thermite bullets and you can ignite it with a fire canister attachment on the gun. I haven’t had this much fun with a gun since the chainsaw lancer in the Gears of War franchise! The Arc Lancer is an electronic pulse gun that causes enemies limbs to explode when you hit them. Making for a gratifying gore satisfactory wow moment. The gameplay also takes part in the cut scenes where you will engage in a series of QTE’s. These can get tedious and annoying especially when you want to fight bigger and stronger monsters such as elder wolves with your array of weaponry. Instead, you are left with smashing a series of buttons to beat them instead of health bars. This leads to another disappointment in the final moments of the game. I wish they would instead put meaning in their stronger fights without the overload of QTE’s and cut scenes. The pacing of the game can be slow at times, especially in between fights. You mostly just walk around, do some light climbing, and picking up objects to inspect them. This is for the most part boring. The length of the game leaves little to be desired. Shortly completing it in 6 hours on the hardest difficulty. I found myself wanting more than what I actually played.

thermite rifle the order

Visually The Order 1886 is very top-notch for the PS4’s fixed hardware and has topped any console game to date. Character models have extreme amounts of detail. The textures are high quality. There were no jagged lines anywhere. The shadows could’ve been a lot better, there was lots of shadow striping during cut scenes that showed on certain objects. One thing I did not like was this dark grainy filter that overshadowed the game it felt like more of an annoyance than adding to the game’s atmosphere. Performance wise the game maintains 30 fps throughout the game most of the time. There are occasional slowdowns when explosions occur. The art and visualization of the game is amazing and deserves the praise that it’s getting.

werwolf dont like me

When it comes to sound the game does not disappoint! Listening to the gunshots, melee hits, explosions, voice acting, characters foot steps, even the background noise in the game makes you feel like your immersed into The Order’s world. The voice acting in this game is phenomenal! The actors who did the voices in this game floored me on their outstanding performances! Their dialogue really made the characters and their personalities stick out. I felt the characters were unique in that regard. Every little sound in the game was high quality and top of line. There was never a dull moment listening to the fire fights between your team and the enemy or the howl of a very disturbing half breed.

black sight

Although at times The Order: 1886 felt more like an interactive movie, I had some rather fun moments in the game. Yes the game did come with quite a few disappointments, but I still had a blast shooting through hordes of enemies with my unique weapons. The QTE’s may have been overdone and annoying but they were executed perfectly and had satisfying enjoyment. Such as chopping off a lycan’s head with an axe. There is very little reason to replay the game. Once you beat it you have seen all the story since it is very linear in design. There is no alternate paths in the game and hardly any unlockables. You would expect to see something like a new costume, difficulty, or perhaps being awarded a new weapon for completing the campaign.

sniping the order

Intense Werewolf Encounters
Top Quality Voice Acting
Black Sight Mechanic
Top Notch Graphics
Unique Weapons
Amazing Story

Annoying Amount of QTE’s
Dark Grainy Filter
Basic Mechanics
Short Game
Dumb A.I.

Replay Value2
The Order: 1886 could have been an epic fun adventure with it's well presented story. Instead, we got an interactive movie experience, disappointing basic gameplay mechanics, poor a.i, and a very short game.

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