News: Tales of Zestiria pops up on SteamDB

Before the name quickly was changed to TOZ, a Google Cache of of the page showed the name Tales of Zestiria. Now this by no means that the game will come out on PC but it is a strong indication that they might be working on it as Namco Bandai (along with several other Japanese devs) have begun to port some of the long time console JRPGs to PC/Steam. This is huge news as a Tales of game has never seen the PC. Below is the trailer for the game that will release later this year in the west but has already released in Japan last month. So far the release in the west is only going to be on the PS3 but we could hear news later of a PC release if this SteamDB entry is correct. If the Google Cache page has been changed here is also a screenshot if the page:


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