News: Toxikk adds ‘Curry’ Build V0.75, New Maps and Vehicles

Toxikk is launching their patch #3 which happens to be the Curry Build V0.75. With this build comes general fixes along with a new map called Twin Peaks, a new mode called Cell Capture (much like ctf) and 5 new vehicles. This is so far has been following their road map correctly which is a bit unfortunate as they only have 4 more maps available on their road map, one for each mode. Whether or not they are going to leave it to the community to make their own maps to fill the void is yet to be seen.

If you aren’t familiar with Toxikk, it is an arena FPS which is being aimed at bringing back the old feel of Unreal Tournament. I feel like it has done so well in terms of the first FFA map however it is a much faster paced game much more like Quake. Currently it is $19 on steam or $54 for 4 pack:

Here is their change log:

Curry Build Teaser:

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