FG2 Awards 2014: Winners for Best DLC, Shooter and Racing

We had many great games this year and for the most part the races were close however we have the results for 3 of our awards. We will be doing 3 per week on Fridays so keep an eye for those.


The nominees were Last of Us: Left Behind, Company of Heroes 2 Ardennes Assault, Europa Universalis 4: Art of War and Company of Heroes 2 Western Front Armies. AND the winner is…..


Last of Us: Left Behind, Last of Us was the pinnacle of games last generation so it comes with little surprise that this DLC that was added later was also superb. The DLC sets itself between two points in the story, before Ellie meets Joel and right after Joel and Ellie leave the university before the winter starts. The entire 3 hour story swaps between the different stories and reveals many new things which will make you laugh, cry and even be angry. If you have Last of Us, it is an absolute must to play this DLC.









BEST Racing:

The nominees for this very close category included Forza Horizon 2, Grid Autosport, Wreckfest, Mario Kart 8 and The Crew. Before our last person voted it was a neck and neck tie between FH2, Grid and MK8. But one game had to come out on top and that winner is……


With each generation of Nintendo hardware we get a new Mario Kart but not very often is it as good as what MK8 has become. With the Wii U, we finally get a hardware that can make even Nintendo’s games look absolutely beautiful and with that MK8 has tons of new tracks and new designs that make it one of the most fun racing experiences of last year. Some might see it as a silly arcade game but it is truly one of the top competitive racing experiences whether you are playing with friends or others online. The new visuals, the new karts themselves and the tracks all revitalize that which was becoming repetitive.









BEST Shooter:

The nominees for Shooter included Wolfenstein TNO, Call of Duty AW, Far Cry 4, Destiny and Titanfall; and the winner is…..

Wolfenstein - 4

Wolfenstein was another in the category of games that badly needed new life and new direction and oh did Machine Games deliver. They produced a game that not only had the feel of the original Wolfenstein games (including the difficulty menu images) but they were also able to develop a fantastic story and well written characters that made TNO and absolute treasure and surprise of 2014. I remember getting to privilege of playing this game in Quakecon 2013 and I couldn’t hold back how excited I was to get the full version. The combat was fresh and whole lot of fun, the guns were over the top and the enemies were even more so. Wolfenstein TNO is going to be what we look back to for many years when we start seeing classic remakes of shooters start to come out.

Review: http://fg-2.com/2014/05/22/review-wolfenstein-the-new-order/


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  • spyro

    this game is so awesome. I hope this is the beginning of the new franchise of wolfenstein