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UPDATE: The microtransactions are only for raid mode in revelations and you can get life crystals throughout the game WITHOUT having to purchase them just like other Resident Evil games. We apologize for the misinformation.

Building off it’s successor, Resident Evil Revelations 2 is set for release on Steam February 25th.  The original Revelations, which released on the Nintendo 3DS was a great game that made good use of the 3DS hardware.  That success translated to a PC release, which lacked the 3DS pizazz but still a solid title nonetheless.  The plot thickens.  No scheduled release for Wii U or 3DS?  This is what helped the game make a name for itself.  It will be interesting to see what lies in store for this title in the future.  The “episodic” release plan will run you $5.99 an episode, or all four for $24.99 on the Xbox One and 360, PS3 and PS4.  The PC release on Steam currently shows the all inclusive “Complete” Season for $24.99, which in all honesty is the way you should want it.  (Unless you’re a Game of Thrones fan needing that weekly suspense 🙂

However the game doesn’t come with a little bit of good ol’ fashion Capcom controversy. According Matt Walker, Head of Production of Capcom Japan and Michiteru Okabe; there will be microtransactions in the game.

Yes, Revelations 2 will have microtransactions. You can buy with real money weapons, skills and life crystals. You can buy weapons and skills within the Assault mode with both objects as you getting playing with your real money, so that nobody has to pay anything unless you want to.If for some reason you want to pay for the weapons, there is the option.”

They also described what the life crystals were;

“Then there are the life crystals. The checkpoints of Revelations 2 as in Revelations, are at the beginning of the phase. If the phase lasts 20 minutes and die after 18 minutes, you have to repeat the whole entire section, and this does not always like everyone, so you can buy some crystals of life through daily or paying challenges for real money to resume the level just where you died without penalty. So do not have to buy anything. If you want to, there it is, but do not have to do whenever you’re enjoying the game.” 

Now obviously you don’t have to buy anything however putting any microtransactions in a full priced game is a very slippery slope and doing so might damage PR more than help you profit. If people feel like Capcom removed a feature just to make more money off of it, the game might not sell all the well. We shall see what impact this has on the game later.

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